You can reach us in various ways. You can visit our website or call us on 0113 217 3711. You can also send us an email at info@yorkshiremovers.co.uk or text/WhatsApp us at 07849 026842.

We will protect your goods since we have insurance that covers them up to £20,000. We also have public liability insurance for up to £5 million and employer’s insurance for up to £10 million.

No, we began as a small team, but now we have grown into a bigger company with six fully trained workers for removing and delivering packages.

We are located in north Leeds. We can move your things all over the world.

We are allowed and protected by the law to help you move inside the UK and the European Union. We team up with other helpers, so we can also help you move abroad to countries that aren’t in the EU. Visit our website to learn more.

“We work on weekends, but we appreciate if you can give us enough notice beforehand.”

We have vans in Luton size that can hold up to 20 cubic meters. This is enough space to move a typical two-bedroom house or six pallets of goods.

We always make sure to have enough time for any job we are scheduled for.

We provide all the packaging materials you need for your move.
We can take apart most furniture, and our employees know how to do it. However, some complex furniture pieces might not be possible to disassemble. If you’re not sure about your furniture, you can contact us to confirm.
Our vans have two seats for passengers and you can travel with us for free.
In most cases, you will have the van only for yourself. If there are other things inside, we will make sure they don’t affect your move.

That’s our job! You pay us to do the lifting and shifting, and while we welcome any help that you might offer, we suggest leaving the trickier items to us.


We can put furniture back together if we took it apart during a job.

We love driving, so feel free to give us any challenge you have!

We can move heavy and large things, including upright pianos! If you have an unusual item to move, just let us know and we’ll see how we can help.

We are fully licensed to carry waste. You can learn more about our services by clicking on this link: https://www.yorkshirevanman.co.uk/waste-clearance/

If something is lost or broken, we have insurance that will pay to fix it, replace it, or give you your money back. This doesn’t happen very often, though.

If you can, it’s better to be there when you decide where to put your things after you move.

Usually, we ask for payment when the work is done. Sometimes, we might need you to make a bank transfer to guarantee the booking. But, we will tell you if that’s necessary.

We can help you move with other students to save you money. If you’re interested, please contact us to arrange group booking.

Sure! Your help saves time and money. We just ask that you help us make sure items are not left outside in the rain or leaning against the van.


Yes, we can do it! We may be able to do it on the same day if you call us. If we can’t do it, we’ll suggest someone else who can.

Please talk to the person in charge of parking where you live and ask if we can park nearby when we move your things. This will help us do our job better and faster.

We want to be honest with you. The price we give you will be the final price, as long as the job is exactly what you told us. If there are any changes, it may change the cost.

If you want to cancel your booking, please tell us 48 hours before the date. You won’t pay extra, except if your booking is on a busy day. If that happens, we will tell you before your booking. If you want to change your booking to an earlier date, let us know at least seven days in advance.

Sorry, once you make a deposit, you cannot get the money back.

Please park your car where you want us to park our van, and put the wheelie bins on either side of the parking space.

You need to make sure you pay for any parking fees.

We can enter the area by driving, but the customer needs to pay an extra fee for the clean air zone.

We try hard to make sure our vehicles are always well-maintained and clean both inside and outside.

If one of our vehicles is not available, we will use another one or rent from somewhere else. Once you make a booking with us, we promise to always be reliable and won’t let you down.

After we confirm a booking, we promise to complete the job. We won’t leave you for a higher-paying job. We prioritize our booked customers.

Yes you can, but make sure you have received confirmation from us that your booking is cancelled. A phone call on 0113 217 3711 is the best way to cancel your booking.

Sorry, we can’t take pets with us because we’re not covered by insurance.

Yes, we can do it, but first, they have to be completely disconnected.

We suggest that you unplug your washing machine before we come, but don’t worry if you can’t do it yourself, we’ll help you. Sometimes there can be problems when removing pipes, and we can’t cover any damages that may occur. Also, your washing machine might damage the floor when it’s moved, so you may need to protect the floor.

We have to keep our shoes on because of safety rules. We will try to be clean and neat.

We cannot help pay for redecorating because removing items can be risky and may cause scuffs. We try our best not to damage anything, but moving heavy things in tight spaces makes it difficult.

If you have any other questions please get in touch