Helpful Packing Tips

We have compiled a useful hints and tips list that will help everything go as smoothly as possible. Learned from many years of experience, it’s sure to help!

• Whenever possible fill all boxes and tape the tops and bottoms securely. BUT…

• Try not to overload boxes with weight, they can split and our staff are human too

• Curtain poles, rods, tape them together – keep them together. Easier to load and unload.

• Wrap delicate items in cloths or newspapers – it may seem obvious but it is often overlooked.

• Wherever possible keep individual items square or flat – tables for example can have legs removed.

• The higher quality the boxes used the better the chance of a successful day. It’s tempting to use cheaper, weaker boxes, with obvious consequences.

• Brittle plastic crates often found in DIY stores are a false economy – we have lost count of the number of these we see getting damaged and broken before we arrive. Save your money and use the best quality boxes that you can.

• Kettles are a currency with our team, pack them last – tea and coffee is highly motivational.

• Any personal or private items in drawers and cupboards need to be bagged or packed. Drawers need taking out of units in most cases and your personal stuff will be on show!

• Plan to disassemble anything heavy and bulky before we arrive. Beds, tables etc when flat and manageable speed up the removal process.

• Ensure a clear run from door to van whenever possible. Door wedges can be priceless on removal day.

• Have your packed boxes together in one place, flat items [headboards, ironing boards etc] laid flat together. Again this eases the removal process significantly.

• Washing machines – we love them! Un-plumb the pipes and store in the drum, Ensure the system is drained to prevent any spillages.

• Empty the fridge of everything but the milk. Sounds obvious but again, so many people overlook this.

• Make sure that when we arrive we can see the full size of the task. Fetching delicate or valuable items from the attic at the last minute doesn’t give us the best chance of a prime, safe packing position.